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Known throughout the world for its spectacular deserts, Nevada is actually home to a wide assortment of landscape features. Rivers and lakes abound in Nevada, despite its dominant deserts, and mountains can be found throughout the state. Further north, near the Idaho border, vast prairies provide a startling contrast to the sandy deserts which seem to be synonymous with Nevada.

The climate of Nevada greatly reflects its diversity. Summers are known to be hot, especially in the desert portions of the state, but temperatures are remarkably cooler throughout the year in the mountain regions, and on the prairies. In fact, contrary to popular opinion, snow is not uncommon during Nevadan winters. The variety of weather patterns found in the state makes it a wonderful place to call home!

With Las Vegas as one of its major cities, it is no surprise the Nevada economy is heavily bolstered by tourism. Job growth remains steady in this sector, as well as in the health care and construction industries. The current population of Nevada is just under 2.5 million, but the numbers are rising every day. Nevada consistently ranks as one of the most popular locations in the United States for home sales by new residents, and with its strong economy and diverse landscape, it will probably remain that way for a long time.