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The Idaho landscape is often a surprise to many first-time residents, who donít realize this northern state is actually quite diverse. In fact, Idaho contains the deepest canyon in the world, Hellís Canyon, as well as its very own set of waterfalls, the Shoshone Falls, which are actually higher than Niagara Falls! Indeed, Idaho is a land of mountains, gorges, fertile valleys, waterfalls and lakes. This beautiful state offers residents with many wonderful options to choose from when looking for a place to live.

Much like its geography, the climate of Idaho is varied. There is more precipitation in the north, and temperatures are generally cooler there year-round. In the south, warm weather usually prevails, no matter what the season, especially in the southwest. Finally, while the southeast is generally warm and dry, it tends to be a bit cooler than the southwest.

The most famous product to come out of Idaho is its potato. In fact, 2/3 of all processed potatoes in the United States are from Idaho. With that in mind, itís no wonder food processing is such a dominant part of Idahoís economy. However, lumber and wood products make up another important sector for the 1.3 million residents of this wonderful state.