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Although Arizona is known throughout the world for its famed desert areas, the state actually offers much more than just desert living. In fact, mountain and mild plateaus comprise more than half of the state, providing residents with a variety of options when choosing the perfect area for relocation. In addition, Arizona has four well-known rivers, and six lakes, all of which present residents with a mixture of recreational activities combined with waterfront living.

Arizona’s climate is as diverse as its landscape. Depending where you are in the state, average temperatures could be anywhere from 105 to 38 degrees. This range is what helps make Arizona a truly unique state which offers something for everyone. There are climates to suit every taste.

Arizona boasts a healthy population of nearly 5.2 million permanent residents. Various forms of agriculture dominate the economy, as do mining operations. These industries help Arizona maintain its “Old West” air, as well as bolster the healthy economy. Currently, Arizona enjoys a low unemployment rate, and a median home price of around $250,000. Additionally, Arizona is one of the few states in the Union which has an increasing home affordability index, meaning more residents are able to afford homes in Arizona than in most other states.