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Virginia has long been celebrated for its natural beauty. With dense forests, rolling plains, and low waterfalls, Virginia offers a variety of options for those looking to relocate to the state. In addition, Virginia has several mountain ranges, such as the Blue Ridge and Appalachian, which provide clean air and numerous recreational activities. With great valleys peppered throughout the state, as well as no shortage of fabulous rivers and lakes, Virginia is truly a beautiful, pristine state. Finally, Virginia borders the Atlantic Ocean, which provides residents with plenty of opportunity to purchase waterfront real estate.

Due to the range of landscapes found in Virginia, its climate is quite varied. Most of the state is considered a humid subtropical climate with the exception of the northwest, which has a humid temperate climate. Virginia typically experiences cool winters and warm summers. The area around the Atlantic Ocean generally experiences higher temperatures in winter and lower temperatures in summer, due to the influence of the water.

Virginia is considered one of the fastest-growing states economically. Strong demand for housing has led to an increase in construction-related jobs, although sizable gains have also been seen in the professional services and tourism sectors. Median home prices vary throughout the state, but are generally around an affordable $250,000. With its proximity to Washington D.C., a population of 7.5 million, and a strong economy, Virginia is growing in popularity among those who are looking to relocate.