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Wisconsinís northern location has allowed it to be blessed with a wealth of lakes. These pristine bodies of water have helped stimulate the Wisconsin economy through tourism, and have drawn in residents from around the nation. Central Wisconsin is praised for its beautiful buttes and mesas, while the rest of the state is known for its flat plains and lush valleys, which are perfect for agriculture. In the west, where the mighty Mississippi River runs through the state, sandstone bluffs are found in abundance. The northern areas of the state, mostly by the Great Lakes, are blanketed in forests. The variety of landscapes in Wisconsin is somewhat startling, and provides residents with plenty of selections when choosing where to live.

With its humid continental climate, Wisconsin experiences warm summers and cool winters. Its proximity to the Great Lakes helps moderate the temperatures, giving winter weather a few more degrees of warmth. Average snowfall for the state is around 45 inches, which provides residents with plenty of opportunities to enjoy an authentic winter landscape.

The low unemployment rate and increase in job growth have made Wisconsin a popular location. The education, health services, and construction sectors have had the most substantial job gains in recent years, with tourism close behind. The population of 5.5 million is growing quickly, due in part to the strong economy and reasonable median home prices, which rests around $161,000 for a resale. Even in Wisconsinís largest cities, such as Milwaukee, median home prices are an affordable $216,000.

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