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Kansas is renowned for its golden, rolling plains. This beautiful state actively promotes its gentle, calm way of life, which is so greatly reflected through its scenic landscape. Although it often seems Kansas is composed entirely of golden wheat, there are numerous lakes and rivers to be found in the state, which provide waterfront living options, as well as a variety of recreational possibilities.

Most residents are surprised to discover Kansas is generally warmer than most Midwest states, in both winter and summer. Although winter is generally much cooler than other parts of the country, and snow is common, average temperatures are not usually as low as the ones found in Kansas’ neighboring states. Conversely, summers tend to be sunny and warm, with average temperatures in the upper 80s.

Agriculture dominates the Kansas economy, as the state is known for being the number one wheat producer in the United States. However, the job rate is increasing rapidly in non-farm sectors, with over 35,000 jobs gained in 2005 alone. Considering the population of Kansas is just around 2.7 million, the high rate of job growth is making the state an attractive option for people all over the country.