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Residents of Washington take great pride in the beautiful nature found in their state. Temperate rainforests and majestic rivers are just some of the wonderful highlights of this northwestern state. The northeastern Rocky Mountains are gradually replaced in the west by the Cascade Mountains, and finally, the Olympic Mountains in the extreme northwest. The Cascade Mountains are particularly celebrated for their peaks, including Mount Rainier and Mount St. Helens. Extending southward from the mountain ranges are lush, fertile valleys perfect for agriculture. In addition, Washington is a coastal state, with a border on the Pacific Ocean, providing residents with beautiful views and magnificent waterfront property.

With its wide range of landscapes, it is no surprise the Washington climate is so diverse. The western part of the state is dominated mostly by a cool, humid climate. Eastern Washington remains cool, but the climate is significantly drier. Given its position and proximity to the ocean, Washington remains cool throughout the year, with extreme weather uncommon. Winter snow can be found throughout the various mountain ranges dotting Washington’s border with Canada.

Washington has reported strong employment gains over the last several years, with job growth the strongest in government, health care, construction, and retail, among others. Forecasts estimate the Washington economy will remain strong and employment gains will continue over the next couple of years. The Pacific Northwest has seen some of the highest increases in real estate recently, but the 6.3 million residents of Washington benefit from affordable housing prices, with units selling at an average of $250,000.