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A large portion of Missouri is covered by spectacular forests with low mountains. Springs, lakes and rivers abound in these areas, as is the case with most of the state. The former swamplands of southern Missouri have been transformed into beautiful fertile valleys, suitable for growing an assortment of agricultural products. Much of the rest of the state is covered in graceful hills dotted with lakes and streams, which helps increase the serene atmosphere.

The wide variety of landscapes in Missouri creates diversity in its climate. Although generally Missouri experiences warm, sunny days in the summer and cool, snowy weather in the winter, the actual temperatures will vary greatly depending on the area of the state in which you are living. Luckily, Missouri does not usually experience extreme weather on either side of the spectrum, no matter what the season, and residents are able to make the most out of the wonderful season changes as they come.

Economically, Missouri is in a period of expansion. Long known for its reliance on various agricultural endeavors, as well as the transportation equipment and food processing industries, Missouri is currently experiencing rapid job growth in its health care and tourism sectors. The population of nearly 5.8 million is also enjoying a significant decrease in unemployment rates. With steady jobs and affordable housing, Missouri is gaining in popularity with those looking to relocate.