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Although a tiny state, New Jersey has a wide variety of landscapes packed in between its borders. The northern part of the state is characterized by mountain ranges and deep valleys. Directly east, flat-topped ridges and pristine lakes are scattered, providing recreational activities and inspiration to residents. The largest landscape of New Jersey, however, is its coastal plains. Dominating over 3/5 of the state, these plains feature rolling hills and pine forests, which taper off into salt marshes and lagoons closer to the Atlantic Ocean.

With its proximity to the ocean, New Jersey benefits from a relatively temperate climate. Although the weather is cool during the winter, especially in the mountain ranges, and snow is not uncommon, New Jersey experiences warmer winter days than many of its neighbors. Summers are sunny and warm, with average temperatures of 85 degrees in many areas. These perfect summer days, combined with the variety of recreational activities available, makes New Jersey an exciting place to live.

Known for having one of the strongest industrial economies in the nation, New Jersey job growth is on par with that of the nation’s average. Numerous positions have been created in the consumer services industries, such as construction. Although New Jersey’s median home value is higher than the nation as a whole, the population of 8.7 million is reaping the benefits of a strong economy and higher paychecks.