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North Dakota is often called a majestic state because of its natural beauty. It is home to prairies, a number of lakes, streams, and rolling hills, which gently extend to form the Turtle Mountains in the north. The plains of North Dakota extend for hundreds of miles, breaking near the Mississippi River into rugged valleys. North Dakota is also home to one of the most fertile valleys in the world, the Red River Valley, which is known for its abundance of agriculture and farm life. The crowning glory of North Dakota, however, is its breathtaking Badlands, which feature natural wind- and water-shaped formations in various shades of red, brown, whites, and yellows.

Summer days in North Dakota are long and glorious. The average daily temperature is a warm 84 degrees, which gives residents the perfect weather to enjoy the various lakes, streams and rivers throughout the state. Winters are crisp and cool, bringing wind and snow throughout much of the state, especially in the mountainous regions.

North Dakota had great economic expansion in 2005. Known for its ties to agriculture, North Dakota experienced job growth in a variety of sectors, including mining, tourism, and manufacturing. The population currently rests at fewer than 700,000, but residents of North Dakota are greatly benefiting from the growing economy and extremely affordable housing options, with prices ranking among the lowest in the nation.