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South Dakota is covered with beautiful, fertile farm land. Although plains and valleys are common throughout the state, South Dakota also has a range of superb hills and low range mountains, most notably the Black Hills in the southwestern part of the state. In addition, the Mississippi River, as well as several other lakes and streams run through the state, providing residents with the perfect opportunity to purchase waterfront real estate.

A continental climate prevails throughout South Dakota. Summers are usually warm, with average highs around 85 degrees. Eastern South Dakota is relatively humid, especially during summer, but the rest of the state has more arid conditions. Winters are snow filled in South Dakota, with average snowfall usually 39 inches, although this can vary, especially in higher altitudes.

During 2005, South Dakota experienced explosive growth economically, with a record number of jobs created. The state avoided the closure of the Ellsworth Air Force Base this year, which is the second biggest employer in South Dakota. Having the base remain open gives solidity to the South Dakota economy. The growth of the economy and extremely affordable home prices is helping the population of 780,000 expand rapidly.