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With over 80% of its land dense forests, West Virginia has an unmatched natural beauty. The state is well-known for its wealth of rugged mountains, which earned it the nickname “The Mountain State.” West of the mountainous region is the less- rugged, hilltop plateau. In addition, West Virginia has no shortage of lakes and rivers, which gives residents many different options for choosing the perfect place to call home in this scenic state.

The humid continental climate of West Virginia keeps the summers warm and the winters cool. Winter often blankets the state in white, especially in the mountain areas, and summer showers are common. Exact temperatures are varied throughout the state, mostly due to the large changes in altitude, but West Virginia is generally a comfortable state throughout the year.

West Virginia has enjoyed robust employment gains over the last several years, most notably in the all-important mining industry. West Virginia is the biggest producer of coal after Wyoming, and gains in this sector have been beneficial to the economy as a whole. Although a relatively compact state, West Virginia has a startling population of over 1.8 million, and a median home value of around $85,000, making it one of the most affordable housing markets in the nation.

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